With the development of society informatization, people have a bigger requirement for information such as VR, HDTV, HD video, 3D games, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, cloud storage and so on, as new applications keep showing up. There’s no doubt that the data boom will lead to a higher requirement for bandwidth capability of Internet, and usually the access network that is closest to the subscriber becomes a bottleneck, which indicates that upgrading and rebuilding for access network is quite necessary at the moment.

To achieve the subscribers’ desirable bandwidth there are top solutions with maximum performance and availability such as the FTTX, Fixed-LTE (TD-LTE), and WISP networks.
ALTADBIR as a big solution provider with the wide projects in the country and Middle East is strongly able to plan and implement all FTTX, Fixed-LTE (TD-LTE), and WISP networks to achieve maximum performance for its customers.