Security Operation Center (SOC)

Security Operations Center is set of tools, processes and human factors that can monitor, collect, analyze and respond to the

security events. SOC is one of the most important ways to prevent financial-electronic scams from financial institutions


Management, monitoring and 24 hour’s network security scanning·

Centralized point of contact for users and administrator to address the security problems·

Collect and analyze network traffic and generate security reports that is collected at different levels ·
Reduce costs of network security management.


Network visit and collecting network information and its equipment.
Consulting, training, designing and building logical and physical SOC Center.

The advantages of using Tadbir services

Leader of SOC services.
Using a professional and experienced local team.
Incorporate with foreign partners (the world’s top companies in the SOC).
Production and customization needed tools.

SOC major customers

Banks, financial institutions and active economic centers in the field of electronic commerce.
Military agency.
Governmental organizations.
And some other organizations·