Satellite Solutions

ALTADBIR delivers advanced, cost-effective and complete solutions to meet client needs. It is a one-stop-shop for satellite services.

ALTADBIR adopts the latest innovations in satellite technology to generate high performance and output to attain the competitive advantage customers need – namely, cost-effectiveness and quality of service.

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Rapid deployment
  • Comprehensive technical analysis
  • Latest technology
  • Full redundancy
  • State-of-the-art Teleport


Backbone connectivity & IP Trunking

ISPs can be offered direct end-to-end Internet backbone access via satellite with any data rate in locations where terrestrial infrastructure is limited.

This service is offered in various configurations such as dedicated or burstable, symmetrical/asymmetrical, simplex/duplex and can be a guaranteed CIR (Committed Information Rates).

Internet services are provided through various combinations of transmission technologies and modulations, while maintaining a reliable transmission.

ALTADBIR customizes and delivers cost-effective solutions for lower data rates or on a dedicated basis for higher data rates. Various Internet trunking and termination solutions can be offered to support small to large trunking requirements and applications such as VoIP and VPNs to run smoothly.

Our reliable infrastructure ensures speedy deployment to reach customers in under-served or remote areas thereby reducing time-to-market and benefitting customer’s ROI.



Managed Broadband Solutions

ALTADBIR delivers broadband Internet and communication solutions to governments and large institutions. We deliver this through ALTADBIR‘s VNO/CNO services, which enable customers to manage networks through our latest hub-based solutions in a customized manner.

This will in turn provide flexibility of sharing and allocating bandwidth and space segment resources between sites.



Private Corporate Networks

ALTADBIR provides satellite capacity & integrated end-to-end network solutions through Point-to-Multipoint or Point-to-Point connectivity between various locations, thus facilitating businesses to conduct their day-to day transactions successfully and efficiently.

ALTADBIR’s array of Private Corporate Network Services includes:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) interconnection between corporate HQ and remote offices, or among remote offices
  • Delivery of voice, data and video to remote locations, facilitating use of videoconferencing, telephony & distance learning applications.
  • Point Of Sale (POS) applications, including ATM, inventory reports and more



Mobility, Offshore & Maritime Solutions

ALTADBIR provides offshore and maritime solutions that cater to demands for higher data throughputs to support bandwidth-intensive services such as video conferencing, Internet, VoIP and media streaming delivered on board ships, vessels, trains and offshore platforms.

Service highlights are:

A global satellite network to provide seamless maritime connectivity solutions for voice, data & Internet

Customized bandwidth solutions for business & crew welfare

Communication services for oil & gas operators by connecting offshore/onshore rigs in a flexible, scalable & efficient way


GSM Backhauling

ALTADBIR’s GSM backhaul solutions help mobile operators to expand their cellular network coverage to address the ever increasing communication needs for mobile applications especially in rural areas.

Our backhaul solutions through satellite provide flexibility, scalability & reliability to operators bypassing the locally available networks. This can also be used as back-up in case of terrestrial network failure.


Disaster Recovery

ALTADBIR provides complete disaster recovery solutions for client’s existing network to reduce any potential loss of revenue due to natural disasters & changing weather conditions.

Communication between critical locations are promptly restored in times of disaster to enable smooth operation.

Our disaster recovery services include satellite up/down links & IP transit over our teleport, restoring entire network or single satellite link to minimize downtime during outages. In addition, we can also provide alternative fiber routing to major media hubs and Points-of-Presence (PoP) as back up to existing fiber connection with clients.


Turnkey Services



ALTADBIR offers complete turnkey services to private and government entities, right from network design, satellite capacity procurement, hardware selection, installation, commissioning & training.

We provide complete end-to-end solution that addresses all satellite communication needs for a data or broadcasting network.

ALTADBIR combines a broad range of technical expertise with an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction when deploying a complete turnkey project.

TV Distribution & Contribution

  ALTADBIR offers different satellite solutions intended for TV Distribution and Contribution to broadcasters to ensure smooth transmission.

To covering vast expanses and connect continents, satellites continue to be the first medium in TV Distribution / Contribution services.

With our technical expertise and our own teleport facility with 24×7 support, we can help you manage and deliver your content seamlessly.






VSAT Platforms

By using different VSAT platforms ALTADBIR connects businesses across the globe and provides customized Internet solutions. Our cost-effective service is based on off-the-shelf, easy to use connectivity platforms covering Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

With ALTADBIR, you can choose the communication solution that meets your business needs. We provide premium C-band and Ku-band connectivity with dedicated, burstable or shared Internet bandwidth options.

Below are the V-SAT platforms that ALTADBIR operates:

iDirect Evolution Hub

IDirect hub can connect to any frequency band on all satellite architectures. The platform is built on DVB-S2/ ACM with adaptive TDMA and multiple technologies to allocate bandwidth efficiently over distributed networks while automatically adjusting to dynamic traffic demands and changing network conditions.

Newtec Dialog Hub

Newtec Dialog Hub Newtec Dialog is a single-service and multiservice VSAT platform that allows operators to build and adapt their infrastructure and satellite networks according to business and missions at hand. The platform operates on DVB-S2 ACM and Clean Channel Technology on the forward link and MFTDMA, MxDMA on the return link.

Newtec Flex-ACM Elevation Hub

Newtec elevation platform is based on DVB-S2 technology for forward and return links. The service combines a range of innovative technologies to optimize satellite links in the most efficient way.

Comtech Advanced VSAT Hub

The Advanced VSAT solution is a portfolio of high-performance, satellite-based communication solutions that facilitate premium services for the enterprise and corporate networks. The platforms uses shared DVB-S2 outbound transmission with ACM & Versa FEC for return channel.


Network Operation Center (NOC)

The NOC is responsible for carrier monitoring, remote equipment configuration and troubleshooting in addition to assisting customers in their technical queries. The NOC’s staff includes personnel with expertise in satellite, video and IP technologies.

Our NOC engineers watch over your network from both a technology and human perspective, providing redundant monitoring to ensure that any anomalies are detected immediately. We monitor your systems at multiple levels to ensure that Service Level Agreements are being met.

ALTADBIR uses its in-house designed Network Monitoring system (NMS) to monitor networks. The NMS combines the monitoring for the network, applications and end-user equipment under a unified dashboard where one can quickly and efficiently diagnose and assess the impact of complex performance related hurdles regardless of where they originate from, in order to avoid costly service degradation.

ALTADBIR also utilizes MRTGs and SolarWinds-Orion to monitor all types of IP circuits, including unicast and multicast circuits. These tools are used to monitor bandwidth usage on each circuit. The monitoring system helps customers stay informed about circuit utilization (over utilized and/or underutilized circuits) and can also monitor specific types of traffic to analyze traffic composition per circuit. Customers can view historical graphs for their respective circuits in days, weeks, months and years in order to depict how bandwidth utilization trends change over time.