Safetica Data Loss Prevention


Protect your know-how, educate your users, comply with regulations

Safetica is a new generation of DLP software (Data Loss Prevention) which allows you to easily identify threats to your sensitive data. It is quick to deploy and immediately prevents important files from leaving your company.


How can Safetica DLP help you?

Immediate Data Protection in 3 Clicks:

Protect your important corporate files without limiting company operation. Faster than ever, you can learn where files leaks happen and what the greatest risks to your company are. Deploying Safetica DLP provides you with an immediate overview of all threats to your sensitive data. Set up basic security rules in few minutes.

Comply with regulations:

Learn how sensitive files can leak out of your company and prevent those leaks. With Safetica DLP you can easily meet most of the requirements of international and national standards. With advanced features, you’ll cover not only GDPR but also PCI-DSS, HIPAA, or ISO / IEC 27001 certification.


Simple Security across Devices:

See the activities on your computers, notebooks and mobile phones in
a single place. Safetica is simple for everyone to understand and easily shows you how secure your files are. You can perform an internal security audit by yourself or uncover how costly software licenses are being utilized, all without expensive training or certification.