What is OPTOKONcept?

OPTOKONcept is the complete FTTH turnkey solution for broadband connectivity providing users with high-speed unlimited bandwidth and services directly in their own homes and premises. This technology requires the installation of new transmission, wiring, and receiving infrastructure networks to provide users with voice, video and telephony services.

How does it work?

OPTOKONcept covers everything required for your FTTH project – consultation, projects, pricing, delivery, installation, testing, maintenance and training.

By integrating our fiber optic products into your specific project, and using our extensive experience and expertise, OPTOKON can fulfill all major and minor project requirements. Components are specifically developed to meet the demands of next generation networks and include optical distribution frames, patchcords, active Ethernet devices, splitters, FO cables, ducts & microducts and integrated OLT & ONU devices for PON.

What does OPTOKONcept offer?

  • affordable technology
  • enough bandwidth to cover your requirements over the next 3-4 decades
  • reliability
  • low deployment cost through smart technology
  • data, voice, video (Triple Play) using only one fiber
  • the opportunity to prepare for your future bandwidth requirements NOW

This is OPTOKONcept – tomorrows complete package today


FTTH is now beyond the infancy stage – some recent OPTOKONcept projects include:

  • Banovce nad Bebravou, Slovak Republic – Active Ethernet network – design, installation, service care
  • Telefonica O2, Czech Republic – Active Ethernet network
  • Orange, Slovak Republic – Passive network ( PON )
  • Tranas, Sweden – Active Ethernet network
  • Plzen, Czech Republic – Active Ethernet network – pilot project