The term network services are a general definition of all the services that can be offered in the field of computer networks. This set of services and range from the most basic steps, such as checking and preparing the right infrastructure to enable small and large networks, network support, network cabling and docking, rack and dock setup, and in general passive network services to more specialized services such as launching basic network services such as Active Directory installation and deployment.
Al Tadbir is one of the most successful knowledge based companies established to provide diverse products and services in the field of ICT. Diverse services in the field of networking are among the actions of this complex. Consulting, designing, supplying equipment, installing data centers, implementing virtualization and cloud computing solutions, implementing LAN & WAN networks are among Al Tadbir Group’s services in the field of network.
With the advances in technology and the increase in usage rate, we are witnessing some new topics in network services, and the list of activities that are part of a large subset of network services is growing every day.


  • Consulting, designing and building LAN and WAN network
  • Installation and commissioning for Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Providing all hardware and software equipment
  • Assessment and testing network performance status
  • Maintenance, support and network updates