Network Optimization

Network Optimization

Save the Organisation. Go Green!
1. Overview
2. What is it?
3. Challenges
4. Our Approach
5. Business Benefits
6. What We Offer

The spectre of economic gloom is looming over us. In times like this, when organisations need to think smart to stay afloat, it is imperative that IT decision makers invest in initiatives that can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

What is it?
A means by which to evaluate the extent to which an organisation’s Data Centre environment is optimised for both cost, performance and environmental efficacy. Optimisation in the Data Centre environment not only significantly reduces cost but also introduces wider operational benefits such as improved performance and business agility.

Data Centres and the infrastructures therein, having evolved at such a significant rate in recent years, are now feeling the aftershocks of rapid growth, where environmental and infrastructure inefficiencies are rife.

The effect is that in many cases, infrastructure has been over-provisioned to individual applications creating silos of mostly under-utilised infrastructure. These inefficiencies are further compounded by each server’s costly power and cooling requirements as well as any associated storage, backup, support and maintenance demands.

tadbirtech Solutions green Data Centre optimisation addresses one of the most challenging business objectives on most senior IT managers’ radar, delivering:

Driving down overall Total Cost of Ownership

Improving Productivity

Achieving Operational Excellence

Achieving Product Leadership

Creating an Agile Organisation

Managing Risk

Our Approach
tadbirtech Solutions provides ‘green’ optimisation in the Data Centre where we will baseline the existing operational environment and provide a thorough report including recommendations of where and how to drive out efficiencies and maximise current investments.

Where further efficiencies can be driven out of next generation technologies such as virtualisation, de-duplication and acceleration, tadbirtech Solutions will recommend smart investment that will deliver aggressive returns and overall reductions to your expenditure.

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Business Benefits
Energy and Power Saving

Lower Data Centre and IT infrastructure energy costs.

Resolve energy-related issues likely to create outages.

Deploy industry standards and best practices for Data Centre design and power efficiency.

Provide options for power savings associated with future expansion.

Space and Footprint Reduction

Reduce your footprint and reclaim floor space back for the business

Reduce storage costs

Cost Reduction and Business Efficiency

Consolidate IT infrastructure – leveraging existing investments

Reduce management and operational complexity and costs

Increase business agility through virtualisation

Improve applications performance and availability

Improving business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities

What we offer

Data Centre Due Diligence

Data Centre ‘Green’ Optimisation Audit

Data Centre Design and Build

Data Centre Optimisation Training

Data Centre Managed Services

‘Green’ optimisation compliments other tadbirtech Solutions optimisation services in Networks and Security.