NEC is one of the most prominent providers of communication systems in the world, providing easy access to staff regardless of the size of the enterprise users.


The company’s equipment supports Pure IP and TDM systems for voice transmissions, and in general, for cable or wireless or wireless data.

The flexible structure of UNIVERGE architecture is guaranteed to meet your need for the realization of integrated communication (UCC) as a viable solution with the maximum return on investment. This flexibility also allows you to move to cloud or intra-network or multi-platform environments, in addition to creating a range of different implementations to suit your budget and goals.

Tadbir company as one of the most prominent companies providing services to companies and organizations of Enterprise Size and as the official representative of NEC in Iraq Installation consulting services Support and training of NEC telephone solutions Offers Enterprise Size.



Some of the features of telephone systems: NEC

• Supports up to 6000 ports in combination with TDM trunk and internal Analog / Digital
• Supports up to 3 IP ports in combination with IP trunk and internal
• Expand ports from a few hundred to 24,000 in a single system
• Clustered up to 5 ports
• Ensure security by launching TDM system without Ethernet network dependency
• Ability to implement system as hardware and virtual machine
• Ability to communicate with Contact Center and Unified Messaging software