Manage hosting services

With tadbirtech Fully Managed Infrastructure services we offer end-to-end management of your mission-critical IT environment. We provide and service the hardware; take care of data back-up and recovery; ensure complete security; and fully manage the operating system, web, and database application infrastructures.
Enterprise-class IT infrastructure combined with comprehensive managed hosting services. As your IT hosting partner, we assign a dedicated team of certified engineers 24x7x365 who take accountability for managing your IT infrastructure based on our proactive Anticipation Advantage methodology. We become an extension of your team so you can focus on your business.
1. Quarterly,Half Yearly, Annually Managed Hosting Plans
2. Data Centre Rack Space
3. Monthly Data transfer.
4. Monitor plus service.
5. Public IP’s.
6. Dedicated Internet access ports & firewall.
7. Redundant DNS
8. 155Mbps X4 (STM4) as backbone connectivity.
9. On-site Support 24/7.
10. Telephonic & Email Support 24/7.
Advantages with Managed Hosting Services: IT Consultancy Services
1. Security: We maintain your server safe & sound.
2. Backups: Our managed backups helps us to disaster your business.
3. High Availability: Our Solutions are designed to boost your up-time statistics
4. Monitoring: Managed Server monitoring for mission critical business
5. Firewall: Our Managed Services uses Enterprise-class hardware firewall appliances.
6. Anti-virus: Comprehensive anti-virus integrated solutions.