Information Security Management System

In today’s world, information is the key assets and capital for growth and success of any organization. Therefore, measures should be done to protect this important investment. One of the solutions for this purpose is ISMS (Information Security Management System). From reputable organizations such as BS and ISO, present BS7799 and ISO/IEC27001 for ISMS implementation



ISMS Implementation Benefits

The Technical Aspects
Performing a security in all aspects of physical security, personnel, IT equipment, communications and business information

The Economic Aspects
Reduce possible costs, due to security weaknesses of the proactive approach in information security management system
Increase customer trust and commercial phase of organization Social and Cultural Aspect
Continuous increase public awareness and knowledge, especially for personnel about the importance of information in the
organization activities and care of that

Tadbir Methodology

Initial assessment, risk analysis and identification and selection of appropriate control
Implement and operate the controls
Review and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of systems implemented
Perform desired changes and deliver high-performance system
Inviting international certificate provider companies to issue certificate


The advantages of using Tadbir services

Presence three producer teams, security products, technical-security and system in form of Tadbir for implement the projects
Consulting services, design, implementation, review and assurance
Education, including seminars and training courses
Consultant to prepare related RFP to choice merit host for ISMS implementation