Benefits of Device42


Say Hello! to Automated Data Center Management
Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual drawings which are, at best, inefficient and quickly outdated. Device42 auto-generates accurate infrastructure and inter-dependency diagrams making data center management faster, easier, and more accurate.


Gain – Gain accurate infrastructure visibility — know what you have, where it’s located, how it’s connected, and who owns it.

Beyond – Go beyond just the physical — gain visibility into blades, virtual machines, cloud instances, and the applications running on them.

Support – Support and document the entire lifecycle from purchase order to retirement.

Infrastructure – Device42’s comprehensive infrastructure management enables more informed decision making.


Know Exactly What is Running, and Where, with Deep Application Mapping

Mapping – Powerful application mapping tools relate data from various sources.

Related – Auto-discovered data is related with imported and input data.

Components – Dependency flow diagrams relating application components are automatically generated.

Visualize – IT managers can visualize the application’s different parts and interdependencies.

Charts – Automatically-generated impact charts show the relationships between applications, hardware components, and facilities.


Transform IT Anarchy into IT Organization

Access real-time configuration data to understand where resources are and how those resources are being consumed. Support future capacity and growth planning.

IP Address – Get the next available IP address (eliminate ping and pray).

Capacity – Locate racks with enough space and power capacity to house new servers.

Affected – Determine which users are affected by scheduled and unscheduled outages.

Supported – Know if a server/OS is still supported, and where to find it.

Accurate – Maintain accurate server-switch port connections.

Manage – Accurately manage rack power and cooling capacities.

Device – Know device interdependencies and their service relationships.