Data Center

Data Center is an area where the important and critical resources of a large organization centralized and inside controlled environment under a central management provide ongoing service guarantees.




ntegration in environment and physical space management ·

Top physical and electronic security ·

Deal with redundancy and repetition of information and apply store policies and information retrieval ·

Increase processing speed and data transfer ·

Facilitating the development and use of new technologies with maintain integrity ·

Require fewer personnel and experts for support services ·

Ability to apply speedy and timely management policies ·



Client needs assessment ·

Design system in accordance with the requirements ·

Physical and logical implementation of projects in different layers ·

Efficiency testing and guarantees data center out put ·


The advantages of using Tadbir services

Consulting services, design, procurement, installation, commissioning and support ·

Use of best knowledge and implementation experienced team ·

Use of world standards ·

Build up data centers by the world’s top brands ·