It’s time the consulting industry transformed itself. Introducing a new, more competitive consulting firm.
tadbirtech Solutions: New Games. New Rules

Stop the Insanity

Until now, clients have had to choose between business consultants who don’t deliver consistent technology, and technology consultants who don’t deliver consistent business results.

Time for a new choice: a consultant who can show you how to become more competitive and help you make the changes to get there.

Ø We make clients more competitive. Here’s how:

1.If it won’t make you more competitive, we won’t do it. Our business consultants work on-site with clients to find the fastest route to competitive advantage.

2.We design projects where the work can be distributed globally, to the best resources available, at the best price possible.

3.Using global resources, we deliver high quality technology while still managing to save clients money.

4.With the money they’ve saved, our clients can afford to do the one thing most likely to ensure the success of their project, but that often gets left out because it’s too expensive: prepare their business and their people to embrace the change.

5.We consistently deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and on-spec, and we measure our performance on this with precision.

What we do? Build a big, hairy competitive advantage.

Beating the competition demands discipline and focus. Every operational change must link back to how it creates competitive advantage. We work with our clients to determine what actions will create the most advantage, and then we help them turn those strategies into shareholder value. To begin the journey, select the primary focus area for your initiative below:


Half the battle in consulting is winning the war for talent. We’re hiring the top 10% performers, cherry-picked from consulting and industry.

What People Are Saying

“It’s a very direct challenge to the top global consulting firms, who can soon expect stiff quality – and price – competition.”
— Jafar Ali – Qatar Telecom