Nowadays, we observe more distance between users, corporate and IT tools. The situation on one hand occurred because of the globalization, the geographic spread of firms, greater mobility of staff, the development of electronic commerce and so on. Citrix company solutions works with a dynamic way to communicate between users and applications, enabling it to all users without geographical restrictions with any application with the best benefit, high rate security and low-cost. Activities and products of the company are as follows:

• Application Virtualization with products of (XenApp)
• Desktop Virtualization with products of (XenDesktop)
• Server & DataCenter Virtualization with products of (XenServer)
• Cloud Technology with products of (Cloud Platform) due to use in Private, Public & On-Premise Cloud.

In addition to providing Innovative Communication Company under license Sytryks, Sytryks sales, installation Sytryks, specialized service to provide as follows:
Noavaran Ertebatat Douran Company besides providing Citrix license, Citrix sales, Citrix installation, also provide specialized services as follow:

1. Technical Advisory
2. Displaying products and select the desirable solutions
3. Seminar
4. Auditing the existing infrastructure
5.Development and implementation of integrated solutions based on Citrix solutions
6. Technical support
7. Technical and specialized training of clients