US network equipment manufacturer headquartered in San Jose in the area known as Silicon Valley, California. The company’s products related to the communications network design and with three brands: Cisco, Linksys and Scientific Atlanta sells.


Initially, Cisco was producing only multi-protocol routers Cisco today everywhere from the living room to the corporate network service provider can be found.


The company provides products to move data, voice and video between buildings, open fields and around the world. And in corporate data centers, community centers, telecommunications companies, commercial businesses and residential complexes installed and used have became.


Borderless Networks (Borderless Networks) such as various categories of routers, switches, wireless systems, security systems, accelerators, WAN (WAN Acceleration) and equipment based on the Media, as well as equipment for data centers and network virtualization such as the integration process (Unified Computing), integrated communication infrastructure (Unified Fabric), switching in data centers Data Center Switching and network storage (Storage Networking) and Collaboration equipment such as IP Phone and IP Video and IP NGN (Next Generation Networks) are among the company’s Enterprise product line.


Cisco switches enhance your network capability, while saving Cisco innovations such as EnergyWise with energy management in network operations.